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        17 September 2009

Huffington Post's Bitch Slap review

From Michael Glitz

MIDNIGHT MADNESS/BITCH SLAP -- After a quick bite, I got in line for the Midnight Madness screening of Bitch Slap, which is the perfect title for a drive-in or midnight movie if I ever heard one and was directed by Rick Jacobson. Organized by Colin Geddes, I'd heard from a number of journalists that he had great taste and the midnight public screenings were a blast. Indeed. I walked in to see a beach ball tossed around the theater, as if we were at a rock concert. When the cast for Bitch Slap came on stage, each and every one of them gamely slinked on as if they were working a runway (or more specifically, the pole at a strip club). I've certainly never been to another film festival where the actors were encouraged to turn around and show their assets to the audience. It was all silly fun, to the point where the hyped up crowd even cheered raucously for the logo of Bombshell Pictures. I had to admit, the animated bit showing a WWII bomber looming into view with a busty pin-up gal and the logo for Bombshell adorning the side was pretty awesome. The movie itself certainly had the right attitude -- it came from some of the creative talent behind Xena: Warrior Princess and Hercules and Kevin Sorbo and Lucy Lawless even popped in for some amusing cameos. If a girl in the desert is digging and digging for treasure, you know it won't be long before she complains about the heat and simply must pour a bucket of water all over herself until she's drenched and her dress clings to every curve. And then do it again. And then giggle as she douses the other girls. It's that type of movie, though I'm afraid there's more attitude than story to sink your teeth into. By the way, I'm sure the trailer is fun but if you can find the title sequence online, check it out. It's a great little short film in itself and a nice history of pin-ups to boot.

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