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        10 September 2009

Interview with Bitch Slap Director Rick Jacobson

Excerpt: "SR: How do I get my Wife or Girlfriend to see a movie called Bitch Slap!

RJ:       What you tell them is that Bitch Slap, on its exterior, is obviously an exploitation film where there's a lot of visual eye candy for the guys. You can see that in the trailer and we certainly went out of the way to embrace that side of the film. But at its heart this is a girl power film. This is a film driven by smart, intelligent, powerful women who drive the story and kick ass. They're the ones who get in the fights, they're the ones who get bloody, and they're the ones who are manipulating men." [...] Bitch Slap screens Monday September 14 11:59 pm at the Ryerson and Wednesday September 16 3:15 pm at the Scotiabank Theater 3.

Source | Many thanks to Barbara Davies for the info.