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        15 October 2009

Erin on Nip/Tuck Episode To Air 9 December

Erin posted the following on her twitter account about her Nip/Tuck upcoming episode:

My Nip/Tuck episode airs Dec 9. Me, Dr. Christian Troy, an office desk and a pair of thigh-high stockings. Yum...

I loved working on Nip/Tuck! Julian McMahon was wonderful - so nice, so professional. A lovely human being!

"Garters, cleavage, red hair-clips of me from my upcoming Nip/Tuck episode: 0:21-0:23"

Checked the site, there are three trailers for the upcoming season, Erin's in the trailer narrated by Linda Hunt entitled "Down Turn" (can only be viewed by US visitors)