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        17 December 2009

Female FYI Interviews Erin Cummings

ImageIf the name Erin Cummings sounds familiar, it should: The actress portrayed the sexy lesbian love interest to Van — and later Brit — on Here! TV’s “Dante’s Cove.” In addition to a recent recurring role on Fox’s “Dollhouse,” Cummings is quickly entering the royal legion of lesbians by playing opposite women like Michelle Wolff, Eliza Dushku and Lucy Lawless.

The straight actress returns to lesbian territory in January’s trashy B-movie “Bitch Slap,” where she plays the ringleader in the campy romp that’s complete with gratuitous cleavage and loaded with sexual innuendo. As Hel, the corporate powerbroker and leader of a trio of bad girls that also features a down-and-out stripper and a drug-running killer, “Bitch Slap” is poised to go behind the reasons that make bad girls bad and turn the gratuitous depiction of women in B movies of the 1950s and ’60s on its head.

Female FYI caught up with a very busy Cummings to talk about kissing her co-stars, playing the hero and what having a loyal legion of lesbian fans means to her.

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