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        11 January 2010

Erin Cummings featured on Girl2Watch site


Erin stars in the highly anticipated and controversial film Bitch Slap. Why controversial? Maybe the LA Times said it best when they asked if Bitch Slap was empowerment of exploitation. She's also on TV as the wife of Spartacus in the new series of that name on Starz. From kicking ass in Bitch Slap to this wife of Spartacus, this beauty from Texas raised partially in Asia is going to redefine women on screen and give some new thinking on music, love, muscle cars and men.

The site provides various pages featuring Erin: Introducing Erin Cummings From Bitch Slap And Spartacus, you can also read fun facts about Erin, including her very first role and favorite vice.

Erin discusses her roles on Spartacus and Bitch Slap. Erin talks about things that matter to her on the Don't Mess With Me page.

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