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        3 January 2010

Is 'Bitch Slap' Empowerment or Exploitation?

ImageLos Angeles Times - 03 Jan 2010

Is 'Bitch Slap' Empowerment or Exploitation?

Exploi-powerment? Will it even matter during what director Rick Jacobson claims is 'the greatest chick fight in cinema history'?

Following the year-end onslaught of high-class commercial releases and ritzy awards-competitive films, it is easy to feel the need for something basic, less rigorous and more freewheeling -- a cinematic sorbet, as it were, a palate-cleanser along the lines of the retro-exploitation homage "Bitch Slap."

Directed by Rick Jacobson, who co-wrote the script with Eric Gruendemann (with both credited as producers), "Bitch Slap" opens Friday at the Nuart in Los Angeles as well as in New York City, San Francisco and on video-on-demand.

Three women (played by Erin Cummings, America Olivo and Julia Voth), each with a distinct personality and the wardrobe to match, find themselves in a remote desert hideaway with a male hostage who is to disclose the location of a cache of extremely valuable diamonds. As various intrigues and entanglements are revealed and a series of flashbacks unravel the convoluted back story that put them all there, the women fight one another and assorted arriving interlopers.

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