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        5 March 2010

Erin and Julia Interview on Fearnet - Bitch Slap


Exclusive: We Get 'Bitch Slapped' by Julia Voth and Erin Cummings - 5 March 2010

Last weekend, I hit the DVD launch party at Sushi Dan on Sunset for Bitch Slap, Spartacus: Blood and Sand director Rick Jacobson's homage to the exploitation films of the '60s and '70s (which hit DVD this Tuesday, March 2). The film features a trio of beautiful women -- pictured above (from left to right) they are: Hel (played by Erin Cummings), Trixie (played by Julia Voth), and Camero (played by America Olivo).

Together, they plot to steal 200 million in diamonds from an underworld kingpin. In real life, any one of the film's stars is hot enough to make a grown man willingly fork over 200 mil and then melt like a Fudgsicle in July. And yours truly had to interview two of these ladies - Voth and Cummings - at one time. How did I do it? By drinking my weight in Asahi beer beforehand. (Wonderful stuff that Asahi!) Hit the jump for our full-length, semi-inebriated conversation.

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