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        5 March 2010

Erin Interview Knoxville Man 05 March 2010

Watch out. You Might Get Bitch Slapped.

Assume the position, and get ready for cleavage, lots of cleavage. The new movie Bitch Slap is out and ready to be bought. Don't worry it is not your usual "B" movie. It's filled with guns, explosives, fight scenes, and as I said before cleavage. Oh, I can't forget the make-out scene. Watch the movie and you'll understand. I'm the lucky one who gets to sit down with actress Erin Cummings. Be jealous.

Knoxville Man: Hey Erin, how are you doing?

Erin: I'm fantastic! How are you doing?

Knoxville Man: You have an incredibly sexy voice.

Erin: You know it's my Bea Arthur voice.

Knoxville Man: Hell yeah. You should keep it going.

Erin: Well atleast I know I might have a possible side-career if this acting thing doesn't work.

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