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28 April 2010

Out and About with Erin A Nightmare On Elm Street Premiere


Erin attended the premiere of A Nightmare on Elm Street at Grauman's Chinese Theatre on April 27, 2010 in Hollywood, California.

Check out these great photos and video!

- Life.com

- Aceshowbiz

- YouTube Video Arrival



20 April 2010

Erin's Mad Men Episode Date

Erin's guest starring role on Mad Men is scheduled for 25 July 2010 at 10pm.

The Hollywood Reporter has the following about the episode:

Season 4 of "Mad Men" will bow on Sunday, July 25, at 10 p.m., answering fans' burning questions from last season's cliffhanger finale. With the disbanding of Sterling Cooper and splitting up of the Drapers, the upcoming premiere will play like a whole new pilot for the show, re-setting the drama.

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17 April 2010

Chris and Paul Present Erin Interview Podcast


Chris and Paul Present Erin Cummings Interview

In this special edition of the podcast Chris and Phil review the DVD release of Bitch Slap and talk to Erin Cummings (who plays Hel in the film) about making a fun, campy sexploitation flick, training with Zoe Bell (Death Proof), her hit US show Spartacus: Blood And Sand, and her upcoming role in series four of Mad Men. Well officer, it’s quite a story‚Ķ

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17 April 2010

Erin To Guest Star on Mad Men

ImageErin posted the following on her FB fan page:

Hey there, so the great news that I spoke of earlier this week is that I will be guest starring on the season premiere of Mad Men! It's been an amazing experience so far and everything I hoped it would be for these last few years of postulating my Mad Men dream. Thanks to everyone who has given so much love to Spartacus this season and made it a hit! We all appreciate it very much.

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17 April 2010

Spartacus Season 1 Poll

Did you enjoy Spartacus Season 1?




15 April 2010

Spartacus Season 1 Review by Chicago Tribune 14 April 2010

ImageThe Chicago Tribune has a great article on the evolution of Spartacus Blood and Sand into a terrific show. CONTAINS NO SPOILERS for the season finale

Chicago Tribune - 14 April 2010
As Season 1 ends, 'Spartacus' emerges as a gripping gladiator romp

It's hard to say what's more impressive about the Season 1 finale of "Spartacus: Blood and Sand" (9 p.m. Central Friday, Starz) -- the hour itself, which is an enormously enjoyable roller-coaster ride, or the way it artfully combines everything "Spartacus" does well.

To give away even a scrap of what happens to the gladiator Spartacus (Andy Whitfield) and his wealthy owners, Batiatus (John Hannah) and Lucretia (Lucy Lawless) would be to ruin the finale's well-designed twists and turns. Suffice to say it left a lasting impression and will no doubt remain one of my favorite TV episodes of the year.

For those who dismissed the show as a sex-obsessed "300" ripoff, think again. "Spartacus" turned out to be so much more than that, especially when it kicked into high gear midway through Season 1. Over the course of 13 hours, and especially in several well-paced recent episodes, this swords-and-togas saga became downright addictive, in part due to its distinctive dialogue, which mixes Shakespearean flourishes with "Sopranos"-esque profanity.

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14 April 2010

Erin In Upcoming Podcast / Interview

The following was posted on Twitter about an upcoming Erin podcast / interview:

Chris podcastdoors
# Just recorded an interview with Erin Cummings @ErinLCummings star of Bitch Slap. She was so good we're putting out a special podcast on Sat about 11 hours ago via Seesmic Web



13 April 2010

Erin Magazine Scans M! February 2010

Image Erin was featured in the magazine M! February 2010 Issue and Lori scanned the article.



Click here to view the scans





12 April 2010

'Spartacus: Blood and Sand' Takes Battle Worldwide

ImageRelease Issued: April 12, 2010 1:30 PM EDT
'Spartacus: Blood and Sand' Takes Battle Worldwide in Time for MIP-TV

A Success in the U.S., Canada and the Netherlands, Starz' Series to Premiere in UK, Asia, Latin America and More

BURBANK, Calif., April 12 /PRNewswire-FirstCall/ -- Proclaimed the "Champion of Capua," Spartacus is now taking on the rest of the world, with Starz Entertainment's original series "Spartacus: Blood and Sand" set to debut in high-profile markets around the world. Starz Worldwide Distribution, the sales unit of the premium entertainment company, is finalizing additional markets at the 2010 MIP-TV market (Starz is based at stand RSV-25 at MIP-TV).

"Spartacus: Blood and Sand," a ratings over-achiever on Starz in the U.S., the Movie Network and Movie Central in Canada and RTL5 in the Netherlands since it premiered earlier this year, the 13-episode program has just launched or is launching soon on:

* Bravo TV in the UK, premiering May 25;
* LAPTV's MovieCity Pack in Latin America;
* OCN in South Korea, where it premiered April 9;
* HBO Central Europe in 14 territories across the region;
* And on Star Channel in Japan.

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9 April 2010

Spartacus Episode 13 Video Promo & Episode Stills - SPOILERS!


We are going to see the final episode of Spartacus next week - Number 13. It's called Kill Them All - That doesn't give away any spoilers now does it? <g>

Click here to view the episode promo with some spoilers according to the promo.



Things are not looking good for the House of Batiatus...they are a looking very deadly.

Click here to view the episode stills



9 April 2010

The Women of Spartacus - Erin Cummings (Sura)


Character: Sura, wife of Spartacus

Where she’s from: Huntsville, Texas
Other notable projects: She’s appeared in cool shows like Dollhouse and Nip/Tuck, played a prostitute on Star Trek: Enterprise, and rolled around naked for a lesbian sex scene on Dante’s Cove, but our favorite is definitely her cleavage-popping chicks-with-guns B-movie homage Bitch Slap. We’ve got baby powder for her palm whenever she’s ready.

What you should know: With a last name like Cummings, you would think we’d be featuring her in This Week In Adult Film History, but this smart Cookie (that’s her nickname) was getting a degree in Journalism before she started acting, not going for higher degrees of difficulty and filth. She did appear in the May 2009 issue of Playboy Magazine, but sadly she kept her clothes on. Thankfully Spartacus is dedicated to historical accuracy (or so the lead-in caution says) and that’s required that she be naked more often than not. To check out Complex’s interview with Cummings at Comic-Con, click here.

See More of The Women of Spartacus (Katrina, Lesley-Ann and Viva)



6 April 2010

Erin Magazine Scan Femme Fatales March/April 2005

Lori scanned the Erin article from the magazine Femme Fatales March / April 2005. Click on the smaller image for the larger scan.




3 April 2010

Spartacus Old Wounds Episode Review by MaryD

Just posted my episode review for Spartacus Season 1 Episode 11 "Old Wounds" to the AUSXIP Spartacus site.

ImageSeason 1 Episode 11 "Old Wounds"

Spartacus struggles with a fellow gladiator's death. The Magistrate is declared missing as Batiatus and Numerius begin the search for him

Please be aware, the review spoils the entire episode so if you haven't seen it yet, you will be spoilt.

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2 April 2010

Erin At National Lab Day Kick-Off Dinner

ImageNational Lab Day Kick-Off Dinner - 01 April 2010

LOS ANGELES, CA - APRIL 01: Actress Erin Cummings attends the National Lab Day Kick-Off Dinner hosted by the Creative Coalition and National Lab Day promoting student involvement in math and science activities at the Luxe Hotel on April 1, 2010 in Los Angeles, California.

Photos can be found at:
- Getty Images
- Life.com
- Wire Image



2 April 2010

Erin Photos From Star Magazine Event

Image Erin was out and about on 31 March 2010

Star Magazine Celebrates Young Hollywood - Voyeur - West Hollywood, CA, USA © Chris Hatcher / PR Photos

Click here for pictures
- Monsters and Critics

News submitted by Lori



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