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        9 April 2010

The Women of Spartacus - Erin Cummings (Sura)


Character: Sura, wife of Spartacus

Where she’s from: Huntsville, Texas
Other notable projects: She’s appeared in cool shows like Dollhouse and Nip/Tuck, played a prostitute on Star Trek: Enterprise, and rolled around naked for a lesbian sex scene on Dante’s Cove, but our favorite is definitely her cleavage-popping chicks-with-guns B-movie homage Bitch Slap. We’ve got baby powder for her palm whenever she’s ready.

What you should know: With a last name like Cummings, you would think we’d be featuring her in This Week In Adult Film History, but this smart Cookie (that’s her nickname) was getting a degree in Journalism before she started acting, not going for higher degrees of difficulty and filth. She did appear in the May 2009 issue of Playboy Magazine, but sadly she kept her clothes on. Thankfully Spartacus is dedicated to historical accuracy (or so the lead-in caution says) and that’s required that she be naked more often than not. To check out Complex’s interview with Cummings at Comic-Con, click here.

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