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29 June 2010

Erin Officially Confirmed for Detroit 1-8-7


This is absolutely fantastic news. Erin has been confirmed for a role on Detroit 1-8-7! Congratulations Erin! The show is tentatively scheduled to premiere Sept. 21.

Spartacus' actress confirmed for 'Detroit 1-8-7'
By B.J. Hammerstein

Good news "Spartacus: Bloods and Sand" fans. Actress Erin Cummings, who played the title character's wife Sura in the first season of the Starz series, will be joining the cast of "Detroit 1-8-7" as a cast regular. Cummings will play the primary medical examiner the "1-8-7" homicide detectives work with during their investigations, ABC confirmed today with the Free Press. But there's more: Ala Drew Barrymore's locally-made film "Whip It!" and our very own real-life sports stars, the Detroit Derby Girls, Cummings' character will moonlight after work as a roller derby player.

Cummings comes to "1-8-7," the first ever network prime-time series to be fully produced in Detroit, a graduate of the University of North Texas with a degree in journalism. Her acting credits include "Star Trek: Enterprise," "Charmed," "Dante's Cove," "The Bold and the Beautiful," "Cold Case," and "Dollhouse."

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26 June 2010

AUSXIP Interviews Erin Cummings - Part 2 of 4

ImagePart 2 of 4 – AUSXIP Interviews Erin Cummings. In the second part of this video interview with Erin we find out more about life on the Spartacus set including:

- Sura’s funeral scene and what turned out to be more difficult than it looked

- Erin talks about working with Andy

- Erin talks about John Hannah and a hysterical behind the scenes story of the Starz Promo with some of the cast of Party Down and Gravity.

Watch Part 2 of the interview

You can watch Part 1 of this interview here and You can also watch the Starz Promo that Erin mentions here



24 June 2010

New Starz Show Promo with Spartacus Cast

ImageThere is a brand new Starz Promo featuring some of their shows including the Spartacus cast looking very 21st Century.

Lucy, John, Peter, Manu, Viva, Andy & Erin star in this commercial. Screencaptures by MaryD

There is a story behind this video where Lucy described John making people laugh during the shooting of this video.

Click here to view screencaptures

Here is the video
(link sent in by Barbara Davies)

The video takes a little time to load but it's worth the wait

from Tony Molina Cinematographer on Vimeo.



19 June 2010

Spartacus Cast Training Day With Fitness Instructor Bev


Bev Ratcliff, a fitness instructor, has photos of the Spartacus Cast: Andy, Peter, Lesley-Ann, Erin, Katrina and Lucy on her site which are pretty cool.

Bev trained the cast during their grueling Spartacus PR tour last January.

Bev Ratcliff, the fitness instructor, arranged free weights on a slab of artificial turf, got on all fours and started yelling instructions according the article in the NYTimes

Check out the photos on Bev's Site
(Reported by Barbara Davies)



19 June 2010

AUSXIP Interviews Erin Cummings - Spartacus Part 1

ImageErin sat down with AUSXIP reporter Lori Boyles (and co-editor of AUSXIP Erin Cummings Official Fan Site) for an extensive video interview ranging from Spartacus, Bitch Slap and new projects which goes for over an hour. The video has been edited and will be presented in parts staring with Spartacus. The Spartacus interview is in 4 parts and this is the first part.


In Part 1 we learn:

- Why Erin chose a role as Sura
- Sura, the warrior
- Erin talks about Andy Whitfield
- Erin talks about the nudity and sex and why she chose to take on the role
- What her parents thought about the nudity
- Varo’s death and ultimately Sura’s death and how the cast & crew celebrate a death on the show

Watch Part 1 of 4 - Erin Talks About Spartacus



18 June 2010

Erin on NewNowNext Awards Video

ImageErin was on the NewNowNext Awards on the Logo channel 17 June 2010 and she also presented an award.

Video created by Lori.

Click here to watch the video on the AUSXIP Video Erin Cummings Video Channel



17 June 2010

Erin on the NewNowNext Awards tonight





Erin will be on the NewNowNext Awards on the Logo channel tonight. Red carpet show at 9:30 pm(EST)and the awards show at 10:00pm (EST)



15 June 2010

Tony Duran Spartacus Inspired Erin Photoshoot


Tony Duran is a fan of "Spartacus", Erin is a fan of Tony's and they wanted to work together. Since Erin had just completed "Spartacus", Tony was interested in exploring a Spartacus-inspired theme for the photoshoot with D-Squared model Kyle Ledeboer.

View more images here

See more of Tony Duran's work at TonyDuran.net



14 June 2010

Erin featured in Pinup Girl Clothing Promotional Items

flyer New images of promotional items for Pinup Girl Clothing that feature Erin.

View those images here



14 June 2010

Interview with the Bitch Slap Ladies: No Limits






Interview with the ladies of Bitch Slap. The Bitch Slap - Stacked Edition DVD/Blu-ray is out in Canada.



14 June 2010

Mad Men Season 4 promo


Check out the Mad Men Season 4 promo. Erin is appearing in multiple episodes this season.



9 June 2010

New Section Spartacus Events Page

AUSXIP Spartacus has a new section to bring together all the promotional events related to the show. You will now be able to find the various events in one easy location rather than searching through the archives for the event information.

Go to AUSXIP Spartacus Events Page

For coverage of Video Interviews and Written Interviews please check the AUSXIP Video Spartacus Interview Channel or the Press Archive

Over the coming days I'm hoping to break down those interviews in the press archive to the individual actors.

For the Video interviews you can access the individual actors by going to: Lucy Lawless | Andy Whitfield | John Hannah | Erin Cummings



8 June 2010

Erin at the NewNowNext Awards




Erin attended the NewNowNext Awards, where she also presented an award. The awards show will air on the Logo network on June 17 at 10pm.

Getty Images
Celebrity Photo
Rex Features

Erin's tweets for the awards:





"My friend and one of the coolest chicks alive, @MichelinePitt doing my hair/makeup for tonight's show. "





"Just finished red carpet at the Logo NewNowNext Awards. Drag Queens everywhere! I love it, so much fun... "

pic3"Just left awards show. Love Logo, love the fans, love the pomp & circumstance. "



8 June 2010

Erin's new movie project "You, Me & The Circus"





Erin is currently working on a feature "You, Me & The Circus", starring Matt Dallas (Kyle XY) and produced by Omar Epps (House).



7 June 2010

AUSXIP Charity Auction Final Donation Amounts

As many of you know the AUSXIP Charity Auction was held in March and I have the final amounts that were raised. This figure blows me away and every time I look at it, I am AMAZED at the generosity of you, the fans. What's even more incredible is that with the global financial situation as it is, you still dug deep and it's an incredible gift. It's not just the financial support but also the moral support from those who couldn't donate but who supported the auction and promoted it. You guys are just the best!


Lucy's charity is The Starship Foundation which raises money for Starship Hospital in Auckland.

Total amount raised: $13,110


Renee's charity is The Renee O'Connor Outreach Fund. Renee allocates the money to a worthy cause and this year it was to raise funds for the the earthquakes in Haiti/Chili.

Total amount raised: $3,500


This year we added Crystal's chosen charity and a way to raise money for the half marathon Crystal was running (held over the weekend) for the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society.

Total amount raised: $1,000

That gives us a grand total of $17,610



5 June 2010

Erin & Lori at A Chorus Line

ImageHmm...I'm slaving away on the site and these two are having fun <g>

Erin and Lori (co-editor) of AUSXIP Erin Cummings is out and out about with Erin having lots of fun.

Click on the pic for the larger scan



3 June 2010

Site Becomes Official Fan Site


AUSXIP Erin Cummings News & Multimedia now an Official Fan Site

Lori and I are very pleased to announce that AUSXIP Erin Cummings is now the Official Erin Cummings Fan Site.

Details to follow about what to expect!



2 June 2010

Erin at National Lab Day school event




Erin tweets:

"I'm at Daniel Webster Middle School doing science experiments w the kids for National Lab Day! So excited! http://twitpic.com/1tbr0y"






"Jack O'Connell (CA State Superintendent of Public Instruction) and I at Daniel Webster Middle School for National Lab Day http://twitgoo.com/y2b7o"



1 June 2010

Erin presenting at NewNowNext Awards




Erin just tweeted:

This just in: I'll be presenting an award for the LOGO Channel's NewNowNext Awards, televised June 17th! And @spartacus_starz is nominated!

To vote for Spartacus go here.



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