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30 January 2011

Rittenhouse Archives Spartacus Blood and Sand Trading Cards - Order Online


Following our update from 22 January 2011 where we reported on Rittenhouse Archives Spartacus Blood and Sand Trading Cards, there is now an update. You can buy them at $50 or $750 for a case.

Rittenhouse Archives is pleased to announce our premiere edition of Spartacus: Blood and Sand Premium Trading Cards, based on the Starz TV series starring Andy Whitfield and Lucy Lawless! In this Premium Pack Series, there will be 2 autograph cards per pack!



24 January 2011

Erin to speak at the Troy Rotary Club Jan. 26






Detroit 187 star Erin Cummings speaks at the Troy Rotary Club noon Weds Jan 26. Meet her and others associated with the show that have given back to the community...and a great lunch for just $15.

Click here to register



24 January 2011

A Night of Giggles & Gloves


Get ready for a night of fun and laughs as Mittens for Detroit presents, "A Night of Giggles & Gloves", a one-night only comedy show benefiting Crossroads of Michigan on Saturday, February 12th in the MGM Grand Ballroom, starring Detroit 187 Actor and Comedian Shaun Majumder along with a host of other very talented local comedians.

Majumder, a Gemini award-winning Actor/Comedian starred in the Farrelly Brothers Fox comedy entitled Unhitched and his Comedy Central Presents special also debuted on Comedy Central in April 2008. Majumder is also a favorite of Montreal's Just for Laughs Comedy Festival having hosted the TV series for three seasons.

Mittens for Detroit, the brainchild Detroit 1-8-7 actress Erin Cummings, is a community initiative whose sole purpose is to collect and distribute new gloves and mittens to children and adults in the city of Detroit.

Crossroads of Michigan, which is one of the ten charities that MfD is providing gloves to, is a social service outreach agency with two locations in Detroit. Founded in 1971, Crossroads exists to support the community at large by providing emergency assistance, advocacy, and counseling to anyone in need.

To attend the show, tickets are $10 and for every ticket purchased, one pair of new gloves will be donated to Mittens for Detroit, courtesy of Broner Hat & Gloves in Auburn Hills. A portion of the tickets sold will also benefit Crossroads.

Click here for tickets



21 January 2011

More photos of Erin at Detroit Tigers event







Photos have been posted at the Hockeytown Authentics Facebook page from the event yesterday of Erin and members of the Detroit Tigers.




21 January 2011

Spartacus Trading Cards From Rittenhouse Archives

Andrea just sent me the following news about the new Spartacus Trading Cards (you will notice that Viva's name has been written as Biba). The news will be in the next issue of Previews Magazine. Click on the thumbnail for the larger scan. The cards be will available from 27 April 2011 at $50 per box and only 200 available.


Limited Edition Series-Only 200 Boxes Produced! Rittenhouse Archives presents the premiere edition of their Spartacus: Blood and Sand trading cards series, based on the hit Starz TV series! The card series will include 26 Episode Synopsis cards (2 per episode), with each card sequentially-numbered to 250 (2 cards per pack).

Also look for the 9-card "Savage" sub-set, depicting the blood, violence, and action of Spartacus, sequentially-numbered to 350 (1 card per pack). Also look for 12 Autograph cards from Andy Whitfield, Lucy Lawless, John Hannah, Biba Bianca, Jai Courtney, and more! 2 autographs per premium pack! 6 Cards per pack. 15 Packs per box.

News submitted by Andrea



21 January 2011

Spartacus propelled Erin Cummings to role in Detroit 187


Before "Detroit 1-8-7" star Erin Cummings landed on the ABC series, she was in New Zealand filming the first season of "Spartacus: Blood and Sand."

Cummings, who played the title character's doomed wife, Sura, described it as lightning in a bottle. "I don't think there was a more challenging, maddening experience then shooting those intense battle scenes but, without a doubt, doing 'Spartacus' was one of the most incredible experiences of my life," she said.

As a critical character in the fierce gladiator origins story, which will launch its six-episode prequel tonight, Cummings said she sometimes wishes she could go back and relive the behind-the-scenes action and rekindle the creative relationships that spawned this compelling and beautiful story.

" 'Spartacus' will always, no matter how difficult it was at times, be a really special time that fills my heart with pure emotion," she said. "It's the show that introduced me to an international fan base and opened countless doors for me, including the agency I'm at now that ultimately led to 'Detroit 1-8-7.' "




20 January 2011

Erin Collects Mittens with the Detroit Tigers





Erin tweeted out:

I can't even deal with how cute these children are! Dressed as a little Tiger and Coach Tom Brookens! http://plixi.com/p/71316787







So thankful to @Official_Tiger Alex Avila and Magglio Ordonez for taking photos w fans for @Mittens4Detroit! http://plixi.com/p/71317358



20 January 2011

Ipad App - The Scrolls of Spartacus by Starz

ImageThe Scrolls of Spartacus By Starz Media


Experience the action of the arena from script to screen of the Starz® Original hit series Spartacus: Blood and Sand. Episode Scrolls allow you to purchase the script from each episode of Spartacus: Blood and Sand, Season 1 (free episode included with download). Scripts are packed full of audio and video extra features, notes from show creator Steven S. DeKnight, and behind the scenes footage. Also included is Scaling Capua, an interactive widget detailing the social networks of Capua’s most fascinating citizens.


Episode Scrolls – Extra feature filled scripts for each episode of Season 1 available for purchase. Future updates will include episodes from Spartacus: Gods of the Arena.

Scaling Capua – Explore the back stories and social networks of the characters in Spartacus’ Capua.

Videos – View videos from purchased scripts including show clips and behind the scenes footage.

Photos – View exclusive photos from purchased scripts and use them as iPad wallpapers.

Future updates will include scripts from Spartacus: Gods of the Arena, premiering on January 21. Only on Starz.

Click here to purchase



16 January 2011

Image update Detroiter magazine






Added scans of The Detroiter magazine to the gallery.

Click here for scans.



16 January 2011

Lesley-Ann and Erin at Kid Rock Concert

Lesley-Ann and Erin attended a Kid Rock concert in Detroit and they also got an upgrade in their seating thanks to security!







Click on the thumbnail for the larger pic



14 January 2011

Lesley-Ann and Erin Attend Detroit Auto Show Charity Preview

ImageLesley-Ann and Erin were out and about in Detroit attending a Charity Preview at the Detroit Auto Show on 14 January 2011.

Red Carpet Charity Preview Special: Friday, January 14 at 7 p.m.
The program will showcase the latest trends and technologies in the automotive industry, and will include live interviews with top auto executives. (Encore presentation Saturday, January 15 at 8 a.m.)

Click on the thumbnail for the larger scan



13 January 2011

Detroit 187 Actress Collects Mittens From Troy School


Some local students learn the art of giving.

Erin Johnson, a health and life skills teacher at Boulan Park Middle School in Troy, encouraged 75 of her students to raise $800 for two Metro Detroit charities. One of those organizations is “Mittens for Detroit,” founded by Detroit-187 actress Erin Cummings.

Speaking live on WWJ, Cummings says she got the idea for “Mittens for Detroit” while handing out candy with her cousin one Halloween night in Southfield when a young girl came to the door cold and missing one of her gloves.

Click here for full article and an audio track.



13 January 2011

Erin Cummings Gives Mittens To Detroit


Erin visited radio station WMOC.

Detroit 187 actress Erin Cummings has launched Mittens for Detroit. It’s a Detroit community initiative whose sole purpose is to collect and distribute new gloves and mittens to Detroit children and adults who are in need. Unfortunately, to my horror and embarassment, somebody must’ve re-written my press release…

Click here for 2 audio clips

Click here for video clip



11 January 2011

Transcript of Erin's Q and A on Twitter


Transcript from Erin's Q&A on Twitter today:

@TONY_WHIPLASH : Question! Who do you think would win, a rhino, or a lobster the size of a rhino?
@ErinLCummings : A Lobster the size of a rhino because of those killer claws!

@cadet1081 : That would be good.I loved you in Spartacus.Is there another season coming soon?
@ErinLCummings : Thank you! There is a 6-ep prequel premiering on Starz on Jan 21. I am not on it, but I've heard it's great!

@AMarieHensley : Will we see more of your character on @Deriot187 and also will there be a @BitchSlap 2 in the near future?
@ErinLCummings : Yes! More Dr. Ward in episodes 14, 15 and 18. We're hoping for a Bitch Slap II. Script is being tweaked as we speak!

@TONY_WHIPLASH : Who do you think would win in a fight, Spartacus, or Leonidas??
@ErinLCummings : As Spartacus' wife, who do you think I'd say??? Spartacus! Of course!

@anniethemighty : Hi Erin! Great cover on The Detroiter! What is your dream car?
@ErinLCummings : Thanks Annie! My dream car is a black on black muscle car. I'm currently lusting over the new Fire Breather - only avail from Cauley Ferrari!

@imayfan : Any chance of you doing more episodes of Mad Men?
@ErinLCummings : I hope so! The new season is starting to shoot in April and my character didn't die or anything, so anything is possible!

@cadet1081 : Any plans to come to Asia for a trip?
@ErinLCummings : I was in Thailand last December and loved it. Would really like to visit Cambodia and Vietnam soon with my father who was in the Air Force during the war.

@KellyDuBose : What's the status of "Tarantula"? Do you have any other acting gigs on the horizon besides the Detroit 1-8-7? BS2 perhaps?
@ErinLCummings : Last I heard, Tarantula moved production from Detroit to Louisiana and was therefore a conflict. Would still love to do it if they can work out the dates and location. As of now, I'm contracted to Detroit 187, but am currently looking at scripts for films for our hiatus.

@anniethemighty : What is the one question you've never been asked in an interview that you'd love to answer?
@ErinLCummings : I'd love to get asked about the craziest things I saw/heard/did while in Hollywood. But I want to be asked when I'm old enough that everyone I talk about is already dead.

@justinofdoom : You were in the last episode like 3 times! My wife had to spray me down with the fire extinguisher.
@ErinLCummings : That is not a question, but I enjoyed reading it anyway. Thanks for the ego boost! Haha

@imayfan : Any tidbits you can tell us about Dr Ward for upcoming episodes?
@ErinLCummings : Yes! In a coming episode, I get to let out a little of Dr. Ward's "don't make me cut you" attitude when someone from out of town tries to talk trash on The D!

@anniethemighty : What do you think happens between Hel and Trixie in Bitch Slap II? Any more trailer scenes? ;)
@ErinLCummings : That would be a no. Hel is smarter than to hook up with the devil again, no matter how hot she is. That doesn't mean she wouldn't find another lover.... ;-)

@KellyDuBose : Are you still involved with National Lab Day?
@ErinLCummings : I have been focusing most of my philanthropic time with my charity, Mittens For Detroit, but am always avail for National Lab Day when they want me because I believe in the power of education!

@spuent : wish they hadn't killed you off:( sura's death was a suprise would have loved to see you in season 2
@ErinLCummings : Thank you, but I don't have any regrets or sadness about that. It was an incredible experience and, for the story, Sura had to die so Spartacus could grow. Also, I just don't think I could have done another season without Andy.

@TheCarliPayne : which director would you like to work with that you haven't had the opportunity to work with yet?
@ErinLCummings : So many! Guillermo Del Toro, Darren Aronofsky, Joss Whedon (new Avegers movie,maybe???)

@cadet1081 : Yes! When I was in New Zealand, I did the Lost World Epic Adventure with @LesleyAnnBrandt and Nick Tarabay. Google it. It was amazing.
@ErinLCummings : You're welcome.Do you go for camping and adventrous things?

@macgarp : will we see your character at a Roller Derby? would make a fun murder investigation
@ErinLCummings : I hope so! Our fantastic writing staff has been putting little hints in my ear that we might get to see Dr. Ward on skates next season, so I'm crossing my fingers.

@sbeldingi : How are you finding Detroit
@ErinLCummings : LOVE Detroit! The D has been good to me and to my Detroit 187 family, so I try to show love back as often as I can. Currently showing love through my charity, @Mittens4Detroit. Check it out at http://www.MittensForDetroit.org.

@RyanMeray : how are you enjoying your first michigan winter? And did you get a chance to enjoy that beer yet? :)
@ErinLCummings : The winter has been great! Love the beautiful snow and wearing my winter gear. And would you believe someone swiped the bottle??? Never even got to try it, so you'll have to tweet the name to me so I can seek it out before I leave!

@ErinLCummings : Signing off now - thanks to everyone who posted questions. Follow @TheD187 to find out when Michael Imperioli and @AishaHinds will be on!



11 January 2011

Erin on the cover of The Detroiter






Check out Erin as the covergirl for The Detroiter.




11 January 2011

Brutal TV Deaths - Sura of Spartacus Blood and Sand

ImageBrutal TV Deaths That Make Grown Nerds Cry
Aww, still not over it? Pick your jaws off the floor and grab the tissues as UGO fires 21-gun salutes to TV's Most Shocking Deaths.

#21 The Departed: Erin Cummings of Spartacus: Blood and Sand

Cause of Death: Stabbing

You know, Spartacus is a depressing show both in context and the real world. Andy Whitfield's tragic health issues aside, we expected Spartacus wouldn't have the easiest of journeys without Aulus murdering his wife Sura after Batiatus bought her, solely to break the hero's spirit.

Honorable mention goes to the Spartacus' comrade Varro, surprisingly felled by an inglorious death at the hands of the gladiator himself purely for show.


News submitted by Olansamuelle



10 January 2011

Erin in the new issue of Ambassador Magazine


Erin is in the Jan/Feb 2011 issue of Ambassador magazine. She is featured in the article "Helping Hand" and is also in another article, "Right at Home".

Click here for magazine scans.



10 January 2011

New Erin Wallpapers by Mesh

ImageCheck out fantastic new wallpapers created by Mesh in the Erin Artwork Gallery. Images from AUSXIP (Detroit 1-8-7 images, Spartacus promos, Cold Case) and Pinup Girl Clothing. Textures from gender, belladonna & webtreats.

Click here to view



10 January 2011

Hating High School?DETROIT 187 Star Erin Cumming Swears,"It Gets Better"


Do you count yourselves among the millions of teenagers out there who were disappointed to discover that high school isn't quite akin to an episode of your favorite television show? Well, it gets better. Just ask DETROIT 1-8-7 star ERIN CUMMINGS, who knows a thing or two about tough times growing up.

"Kids are cruel man, they suck, they really do," explained the Huntsville Texas native during on a break from shooting on the set of DETROIT 1-8-7. "In my case I had acne like nobody's business, which wouldn't have been such a problem except that I was very visible, very Reese Witherspoon in Election. You know, captain of the dance team, editor of the school Yearbook, secretary of the French club. So rather than hang out with me and be my friends, people would just talk trash and make up lies."

Evidently, you don't just have to be struggling with your sexuality for high school to completely suck. "I remember coming home crying to my mom that I would never have a boyfriend, bemoaning my big forehead, obnoxiously large lips and all these things that I was really insecure about. And my mom would just sit on the swing with me on the front porch and tell me it's going to be okay. She'd tell me about all these actresses, like so-and-so who now has an Oscar but never had a boyfriend in high school, or that other actress who was once the ugly duckling, really not that popular and just kept her head looking forward and achieved her goals. So I kinda went, okay, maybe that's what I have to do, just keep my focus."

And focus she did.

Read full article here.



9 January 2011

Erin at the Detroit Auto Show


Erin and her "Detroit 187" co-star Shaun Majumder check out all the new cars at the Detroit Auto Show.




8 January 2011

Photo of Erin from Hob Nobble Gobble event






Cute photo of Erin from the Hob Nobble Gobble at Ford Field event last year with a cotten candy mitten.




7 January 2011

New photos of Erin from Detroit 187




Several new images of Erin as "Dr Abbey Ward" from "Detroit 187" have been put in the gallery.

Click here for gallery



5 January 2011

Image Update Detroit 187





Screencaptures from episode 11 of Detroit 187 added.

Click here for screencaptures

Watch full episode at ABC.com



4 January 2011

Erin interview in Visit Detroit Magazine







Erin is interviewed in the Winter/Spring 2011 issue of Visit Detroit Magazine.

The magazine can be read online here and Erin's interview is on page 51.



2 January 2011

Premiere and Events 2008 Image Update


Updated the image galleries with images from premieres and events that Erin attended in 2008:

Visual Impact Fundraiser for Boys & Girls Club
Shaun White Snowboarding Video Game Launch Party
Nothing Like the Holidays premiere
Warner Loughlin Studios Holiday Charity Event

Click here for gallery



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