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        11 January 2011

Brutal TV Deaths - Sura of Spartacus Blood and Sand

ImageBrutal TV Deaths That Make Grown Nerds Cry
Aww, still not over it? Pick your jaws off the floor and grab the tissues as UGO fires 21-gun salutes to TV's Most Shocking Deaths.

#21 The Departed: Erin Cummings of Spartacus: Blood and Sand

Cause of Death: Stabbing

You know, Spartacus is a depressing show both in context and the real world. Andy Whitfield's tragic health issues aside, we expected Spartacus wouldn't have the easiest of journeys without Aulus murdering his wife Sura after Batiatus bought her, solely to break the hero's spirit.

Honorable mention goes to the Spartacus' comrade Varro, surprisingly felled by an inglorious death at the hands of the gladiator himself purely for show.


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