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27 April 2011

Photos of Erin at the Viva Las Vegas Rockabilly Weekend






The ModelVanity.com Facebook page has posted photos of Erin and the Pinup Girl Group from this past weekend at the Viva Las Vegas Rockabilly Weekend.

Click here for more photos.



22 April 2011

Erin presenting at The Gracies






Erin will be presenting at the Gracies Awards on May 24 where such people as Betty White, Linda Ellerbee, Janet Tamaro, Piper Perabo, Private Practice and more will be honored.

Click here for more info on the Gracies



18 April 2011

Come out and meet Erin this weekend in Las Vegas







Erin will be appearing with her fellow Pinup Girl Clothing models in Las Vegas this weekend.

Click here for all the details



17 April 2011

Meet Frankie...Erin's new kitten



Erin tweeted out:

My costar found this little precious stranded and crying by set 5 min after I said I wanted a cat...My new baby! http://plixi.com/p/92826256


Still need to do a "ball check," but with these eyes & being only a few wks old, I think "Elizabeth Taylor???" http://plixi.com/p/92831600





Now I remember why I always adopt full grown cats. Kittens don't know what a litter box is. (as I watch Elizabeth shit on my pillow)


It's a boy! Named Frankie after Sinatra & director Frank E Flowers, my dear friend who brought me on The Ropes http://plixi.com/p/93059329



13 April 2011

Photos of Erin from the Women's Power Breakfast




Erin was the keynote speaker this morning at the Gleaners Women's Power Breakfast. Check out the photos on their site.

More photos here



12 April 2011

Erin back in Detroit



Erin is back in Detroit,having fun and tweeting up a storm!


At The Palace to cheer on the Pistons in the final game of the season. @JonasJerebko - I see you! http://plixi.com/p/91657088






Thanks Jonas! (and the message on the jersey is perfect) xo, Erin cc: @JonasJerebko




I'm speechless w gratitude and humbled appreciation for this honor from the men who have served our country.




RT @PublicCityPR: @Mortons_Detroit team hanging out w/ @ErinLCummings @Official_Tigers @maitre_d_steve



11 April 2011

Erin in March/April issue of Ambassador Magazine





Added scans from the March/April issue of Ambassador Magazine to the Magazines Gallery

Click here for Gallery



9 April 2011

New photo of Erin on the set of "The Ropes"







@GUCCIJOE tweeted out this photo from the set of Erin's new project, "The Ropes"



2 April 2011

Detroit 187 On Aussie TV - 13 April 2011

ImageThrong is reporting that Detroit 187 with Erin is finally going to be shown on Aussie TV on 13 April.

Seven’s latest US import crime show - Detroit 1-8-7 is set to premiere at 9pm, Wednesday April 13 - right after the My Kitchen Rules Grand Final.

Detroit 1-8-7 will then settle into its regular timeslot of 9.30 Wednesdays from April 20.

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For more about Erin's role on Detroit 187 check out the AUSXIP Erin Cummings Detroit 187 subsite



1 April 2011

Erin Cummings Gallery Update - 2009 Events


Added the following to the 2009 gallery :

62nd Annual Cannes UP Afterparty 13-05-2009
Bitch Slap Premiere Oslo Int. Film Fest 20-11-2009
Cannes Bitch Slap Party 14-05-2009
DPA Golden Globe Gift Suite 14-12-2009
EW and Women in Film Pre-Emmy Party_17-09-2009
Kenneth Cole Awareness and Feed Projects 26-08-2009
LA Mission Thanksgiving Meal for Homeless 25-11-2009



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