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        19 January 2012

In A Bottle - Pan Am Star Erin Cummings Shares Her Favorite Fragrance


Baby it's cold outside.
Actress Erin Cummings is staying warm with a spritz of sexy perfume, and she's keeping others cozy through her charity Mittens for Detroit, which collects and distributes gloves and mittens to non-profits in need. Cummings currently plays Ginny Saddler on ABC's Pan Am and just finished filming "The Iceman" with Michael Shannon and Winona Ryder. Here, the sassy star of "Bitch Slap," Spartacus: Blood and Sand, Mad Men and Detroit 187 shares her favorite scents:

What is your favorite fragrance?

Flowerbomb by Viktor & Rolf.

What does it evoke for you?

It doesn't actually evoke anything for me. Every time I visit a perfume counter, I ask what fragrance men most often buy for women. Every time, the answer is Flowerbomb. Apparently men love it because it's sweet and makes them hungry. I'm a single woman. I wear perfume because it's appealing to men. Why else would I wear perfume? If I want to smell something for myself, I'll light a candle.

What is your favorite scent that can't be captured "in a bottle" and why?

My favorite smell is my grandma. Not her perfume, just that weird, comforting "grandma" combination of mothballs, Bengay, Aqua Net hairspray and gumbo. I certainly wouldn't want to wear that as a perfume, but it's still my favorite scent because I miss her.