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26 January 2013

Photos of Erin at NAIAS








Erin tweeted:

But this... My dream car... American made, sexy, sly, hugs me tight, packed w muscle. The Dodge Challenger SRT. WANT http://lockerz.com/s/279386810










Erin tweeted:

In front of the canary Farrari w @RobStoneRadio from @995WYCD. Vroom. :-) http://lockerz.com/s/279560499







@fastmetal tweeted:

@ErinLCummings very nice meeting you erin:-) here's the photo you wanted. pic.twitter.com/Q6OIFONq






@KariShepley tweeted:

@NAIASDetroit @ErinLCummings Thanks for another great parade! @ParadeCo Detroit Derby Girls rocked! pic.twitter.com/SjXPAx9Z











@KariShepley tweeted:

@ErinLCummings Who's taking pictures of who?? @NAIASDetroit pic.twitter.com/vLT5pf2c



24 January 2013

Auto Show to host actress Erin Cummings, "Warming Hands and Homes"


Actress Erin Cummings, founder of Mittens for Detroit, a charity she launched in 2010 while filming the ABC TV Show, "Detroit 187," will make several appearances at the North American International Auto Show (NAIAS) this weekend, while bringing attention to a need in the community.

Cummings will be a special celebrity guest in Auto Show in Motion, the NAIAS parade of ultra-luxury cars, local celebrities, clowns, and big paper-mâché heads provided by The Parade Company, on Friday, January 25 at 7 pm, and Saturday, January 26 at 3 pm. She will also sign autographs on Friday from 4-6 pm in Michigan Hall, and on Saturday from 1-3 pm on the main floor at the hospitality deck near the Infiniti exhibit.

Mittens for Detroit collects and distributes new, unused gloves and mittens to children and adults in need in metro Detroit. Those who will be attending NAIAS this weekend (Friday through Sunday) are encouraged to bring new mittens and gloves and deposit them in Mittens for Detroit donation boxes located on the Cobo Concourse. Show visitors can also donate spare change to THAW.
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"The cold weather this past week is a timely reminder to help those in need," said Jim Seavitt, chairman, NAIAS 2013. "We are thrilled to have Erin Cummings here to support and promote 'Warming Hands and Homes,' and congratulate her on the good work she does in our community."

About Mittens for Detroit

Cummings, who relocated to Detroit in July 2010, was inspired to create Mittens while handing out candy on Halloween with her cousin, Kathy Moss, who lives in Southfield. Two young girls and their mother came to the door trick-or-treating, and one of the girls was crying. Moss noticed the girl was missing a glove, and invited the family inside, found an extra pair of gloves, put them on the little girl's hands and sent the family on its way to enjoy the rest of Halloween night. Cummings, who had been looking for a way to give back to her new community, was struck by the simplicity and generosity of her cousin's actions, and the Mittens for Detroit initiative was born.

"I know that times are tough and some may feel discouraged from giving because of their own financial circumstances," said Cummings. "We're keeping it simple. All we want are gloves. Big gloves, little gloves, fancy gloves or dollar store gloves. As long as they are new and will keep a pair of hands warm, we'll take them."




19 January 2013

Erin filming ep of Comedy Central's "Inside Amy Schumer"

Erin tweeted out : Good morning early risers! Omw to @ComedyCentral to film "Inside @AmySchumer." Excited to have a job where I won't have to cry... Will I? ?

I've been "Inside @AmySchumer" all morning..Tight squeeze but @MissPyle was in there too! Big thanks to Amy & @ComedyCentral for the laughs!







@AD_Foster tweeted:

Here is a photo from three Sparty girls having way too much fun at lunch: Erin Cummings, Katrina Law and Lesley-Ann Brandt having fun at lunch. pic.twitter.com/AXeoVenG








@amyschumer tweeted:

Great mornin with @miss_pyle @erinLcummings @kalihawk bridgeteverett and Emily axford #InsideAmy Schumer http://instagr.am/p/UrXiepqUBR/



17 January 2013


16 January 2013

Actress shows Motor City love with gifts of gloves


Actress Erin Cummings' love affair with the Motor City began in 2010 when she moved here to film the TV drama "Detroit 1-8-7."

The ABC show lasted 18 episodes until being canceled, but her feelings for Detroit are still strong. It led her to launch Mittens for Detroit -- a charity that has given away nearly 35,000 pairs of mittens and gloves to local charities.

That group -- along with The Heat and Warmth Fund (THAW) -- another organization helping people stay warm -- will get a boost during the final three days of the upcoming North American International Auto Show.

That's when the public is being asked to bring new mittens and gloves as well as make donations during the "Warming Hands & Homes" initiative. It is being held with support of the Detroit Auto Dealers Association, which puts on the auto show. "Warming Hands & Homes" runs from Jan. 25-27.

Show-goers can look for contribution boxes at show entrances inside Cobo Center.

The NAIAS attracts hundreds of thousands of people each year and raises money for charities through its black-tie Charity Preview.

"Warming Hands & Homes" continues that same community spirit.

Cummings' charity

Mittens for Detroit has been warming hands and hearts since its founding in November 2010 by Cummings. It is aligned with the North Woodward Community Foundation.

Cummings was inspired to create MFD while passing out candy on Halloween with her cousin, Kathi Moss, who lives in Southfield.

Two little girls and their mother came to Moss' door trick-or-treating, and one of the girls was missing a glove and shivering. Moss invited the family inside and gave the girl a spare pair of gloves.

Seeing the impact it had led Cummings to start the group.

She also met Jason Brown, public relations consultant who represents Just Baked Cupcakes.

They met when he dropped off Just Baked Cupcakes for the "Detroit 1-8-7" crew.

Brown is among those donating time and helping to promote Mittens for Detroit. The organization has gained global attention thanks to Cummings' celebrity with donations coming from as far as Australia.

The group has 75 drop boxes for gloves across metro Detroit and just added a jewelry collection with the organization's logo being sold online at www.mittensfordetroit.org.

The group uses donations to buy gloves at a discounted rate from Broner Hat and Glove in Auburn Hills. "We can buy six pairs of gloves for $10," she said.

Bob Broner, third-generation company owner, donates gloves, too.

The Texas-born actress, who lives in New York City, has appeared in numerous TV shows including AMC's "Mad Men" and "Pan Am," which ABC canceled last year.

She has movies coming out including "The Iceman," an action thriller with Michael Shannon, Winona Ryder and Ray Liotta. "I play Winona's cousin."

Cummings is focusing her community efforts on Mittens for Detroit.

She plans to attend the auto show's Charity Preview and sign autographs at the show Jan. 25-26.

She'll also attend her group's third annual "Giggles and Gloves" Comedy Show on Feb. 9 at MGM Grand Detroit.

"The city opened its arms to me, and I feel like I am coming home again," she said. "I will never stop loving Detroit as long it continues to love me!"

“Warming Hands & Homes” runs from Jan. 25-27 at the North American International Auto Show at Cobo Center.

Actress Erin Cummings is to attend the auto show’s Charity Preview on Friday and sign autographs at the show Jan. 25-26.

More information and donations can be made at www.mittensfordetroit.org.


Erin will not be able to attend the Charity preview nite because of a schedule conflict



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