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29 April 2013


26 April 2013

Erin's episode of 'Criminal Minds' airs May 15


Press Release:


Guest Stars Include D.W. Moffett as Blake's Husband James,and Erin Cummings as Kidnap Victim Emma Churchill

"#6" - The BAU goes to Detroit to track an UnSub with a rapidly changing MO. Also, Blake's husband returns from overseas with a life-changing career proposition for her, on CRIMINAL MINDS, Wednesday, May 15 (9:00-10:00 PM, ET/PT) on the CBS Television Network. Guest stars include D.W. Moffett as Blake's husband James and Erin Cummings as kidnapping victim Emma Churchill.




12 April 2013

Twitter Q&A summary for Spartacus finale

Erin did an Q&A on twitter for the Spartacus finale. Here's a summary:


@ErinLCummings To celebrate tonight's series finale of Spartacus,today's tweets will be abt the show.Will answer appropriate questions.Don't be an idiot.

@ErinLCummings Congrats to my friend @stevendeknight, whom I cherish on a number of levels. He is the great oak that every branch of Spartacus stems from.

@ErinLCummings It's an honor to have been a part of what's become a beloved series. We had no idea what it would grow into,but we believed in the writing.

@ErinLCummings @lady_jeanette Sex scenes are as difficult as the actor you're working w. I've been blessed. Andy, Julian McMahon & John Hamm were all pros.

@ErinLCummings I cried. It was a difficult journey to get there. RT @lxruelas: What was it like stepping on set for the first time? #spartacusquestions

@ErinLCummings Laughing with Andy. We laughed every moment we didn't cry. RT @AndyLucien: Favorite moment of filming?

@ErinLCummings I don't know. I was not in that one. No more stupid questions please. RT @ephonyel: what was the most difficult scene to film in WoftD ?

@ErinLCummings @ShazB09 140 char. can't explain what it was like working w Andy. I couldn't have worked w Liam on this, but hope to on something else.

@ErinLCummings @sallyjaybee I will watch it all someday, but still too hard/too soon. Very proud of Steven, Rick Jacobson and my friends in cast and crew.

@ErinLCummings Sura, of course. It has the most meaning to the series. Started everything... RT @chugaboom20: who gets the most glorious death?

@ErinLCummings Just watch the show... RT @emmaconnolly16: do you wish you was in the final episode

@ErinLCummings All shot during season 1 & footage reused later. RT @Ross_Horan7: how were your scenes filmed? seeing as many are flashbacks here and there.

@ErinLCummings Acting? The pilot. Watching? The finale. RT @An21asr: what is your favorite episode of season 1 Blood and Sand?

@ErinLCummings No. Some stories must be put to rest to preserve their honor and dignity. RT @WhiskeyDamage: would you like to see a spinoff?

@ErinLCummings Gladiator training w boys then private training w my dbl @AmandaFoubister RT @WeirdArchives: What was the training for your fight scenes?

@ErinLCummings It changed the course of my career. It's an honor. RT @DegraeveDoran: How does it feel to see yourself on an epic serie like this one ?

@ErinLCummings No darling. That's sweet but my time ended. I appreciate from afar now RT @Im_Ill_EO: can you resurrect yourself back on the show? Please..

@ErinLCummings None. We all were cast as we should have been & Sura was the one for me. RT @JamesD888: What other character would you of liked to play?

@ErinLCummings Patience, how to fight for my rights as an actor, how to look tan... RT @hollieberry86: what lessons did you learn from the show? #Spartacus

@ErinLCummings No. Lady Macbeth was a lot harder! RT @lxruelas: Was it hard to learn your lines (roman talk) compared to other roles you've played?

@ErinLCummings I DID FIGHT SCENES. ?RT @shanekse85: you did the training boot camp. was that just for fun or was there a chance of you doing fight scenes?

@ErinLCummings Flashback to when they first met. RT @sharonhenders11: @ephonyel when filming Spartacus with #AndyWhitfield what was your favorite scene?

@ErinLCummings Not my call... RT @sportcake: any plans for an adaptation of show for the big screen?

@ErinLCummings Ilythia. @VivaBianca is just delicious in that role RT @FrancisPStanley: who is your favourite character (not sura or spartacus)

@ErinLCummings Pleasantly. RT @MerkNSmash: were you surprised by the attention the series received as well as your character's impact on the story?

@ErinLCummings Ha! That's funny... #yeahright #nocomment RT @echanmanny: There were a lot of fantastic props. Did you keep any costumes/wardobe or props?

@ErinLCummings THAT is something I'd totally do. RT @JeffHeilig: What about a possible Bitch Slap sequel?

@ErinLCummings I do. It was a difficult position for any actor. he is a gemRT @_Laurs1991: do you think Liam has carried on Andy's legacy well? (I do) :) x

@ErinLCummings To the ones I consider family? Yes. RT @bachristie: Do you still talk to your Spartacus family??

@ErinLCummings @grebbs The nudity doesn't require the confidence. Choosing to be an actor at all requires the confidence. Nudity is fine w proper lighting.

@ErinLCummings All work feeds future work RT @patrickgreen29: Did any of your work experience/learning on Spartacus help you when you did Detroit 1-8-7?

@ErinLCummings I didn't get to work w her much. More @rosemcgowan, who was GREAT RT @PoshLopez: I want to know abt Charmed, how awesome is @Alyssa_Milano?!

@ErinLCummings Who? RT @ilariasmi: what does Sura think about Laeta? ;)

@ErinLCummings Some of them, as w every project RT @REAL_Cody_Wines: do you still keep in touch with any of the actors/actresses in B&S?

@ErinLCummings Not my call either RT @schmoozersam: Why did they have to end Spartacus this early? Do you expect a Ceaser spin-off?

@ErinLCummings "There is no life without you." RT @undefeatedgaul: What is your favourite line in the series? #Spartacus

@ErinLCummings Okay guys... I have to go run before the sun sets. I hope you all enjoy the Spartacus finale tonight. Thank you for your love & support. X,E

@ErinLCummings Andy's audition! wow... :-) RT @spartacuschoice: Where it all started. Our best on all your future endeavors Erin. pic.twitter.com/vcfTNBJQHx



5 April 2013

Scan from Entertainment Weekly








Entertainment Weekly asked Spartacus' Steven DeKnight what the "Most Heartbreaking Moment" from the show was and he chose Sura dying in Spartacus' arms.

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3 April 2013

"Fruit of Labor" premieres at Newport Beach Film Festival



The short film,"Fruit of Labor"(Originally titled "Dressed to Kill"), will have its US premiere at the Newport Beach Film Festival on April 28.

Festival website



Alfred desires to be taken seriously as a fashion photographer and, with the assistance of his homicidal wife, pushes his would-be-models to the brink of hysteria in order to capture the perfect photo.




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